Sacred Intimacy Experience

~ Luxuriate in the moment with me ~

From Websters...


noun: intimacy

  1. close familiarity or friendship; closeness.            synonyms: resonance, togetherness, affinity, rapport, familiarity, confidentiality, friendliness, comradeship, mutual affection, warmth, warm feelings, understanding, fellow feeling;


From my experience...

noun: Sacred Intimacy

  1. a personal meaning derived from the direct experience of the inherent, or essential, value of intimacy; an awareness of the healing, transformative, creative, and nourishing affects of sharing authentic connection and closeness.                                                                    Synonyms: 'authentic relating', 'a meeting of minds, hearts, and bodies', 'a mysterious familiarity', 'profound love or "rapture," 'awareness of being connected beyond whats happening with the body', 'awareness of being more connected with the natural wisdom of the body', 'connection that inspires conviction,' 'to allow for extraordinary reflections of devotion, surrender, trust, adoration, allowing, and expanded consciousness,' 'insert your definition here;'

My Background...


The training that served as the jumping off place that eventually led to me being called to this Sacred Intimacy offering was Delphi University's "Doctor of Metaphysics" Holistic Healer & Certified Spiritual Counselor Program.  Which included extensive intuition enhancing, trans-personal awareness, and energy healing coursework. I completed the program in 2008, followed by a Thai Yoga Massage therapist certification course in Boulder, CO in 2014.


In my personal life, (age 33, 6'4", about 180lbs) I identify as bisexual and am currently in a cycle of being primarily interested in investing in intimate explorations with other men and/or trans persons of either gender. Before 2011, I studied and practiced Tantra with my former wife for many years developing skill and visceral experience with what Sacred Intimacy has come to mean for me.


Later, when I began offering Sensual Energetic Bodywork in addition to my Self-Awareness Coaching & Spiritual Counseling, I felt an opening to go deeper with many clients and was so called to create my unique style of offering Sacred Intimacy. I have known a few other Sacred Intimates over the years and was always fascinated to hear about their process. I feel that these Sacred Intimacy sessions are a rare bridge between relaxing and rejuvenating bodywork and insightful and transformative inner coaching work. So far, the work has been deeply meaningful for me and my clients. Here's more about what a Sacred Intimacy Experience with me is like...

Our Sacred Intimacy Session ~

The container I co-create with you during Sacred Intimacy is first and foremost welcoming, non-judgemental/discriminatory, body positive, safe, mutually respectful, and loving. From this solid authenticity supporting foundation, our space serves as a laboratory to inquire, express, reflect, experiment and explore your relationship to intimacy. Cultivating and nurturing your capacity for intimacy impacts many areas of your life when encouraged to flourish; namely, your relating and communication styles, creative self expression, and overall sensual/passionate nature.


The often varied practice of Sacred Intimacy has been a tool used by spiritual initiates for millennia, from the Ancient Egyptians, Hindu Tantricas, and even within Mystical Christianity. This practice utilizes intentional use of sexual life force energy as a pathway to access healing, clear blockages, stimulate creativity, as a rite of passage, and to encounter your inner Eros or Beloved Divine Presence.


As a Sacred Intimate, I lovingly curate the space for you to explore your capacity to experience the life affirming, holistic power of intimacy. You may discover more confidence that dispels insecurities, sustainable access to your own inner Beloved, healing of the negative self-limiting beliefs that hinders self-love and fulfilling relationships, or simply the re-ignition of your passions, for purpose and/or for pleasure.


Additionally, any number of these possible experiences are likely: rites of passage ceremony to commemorate the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another, healing of sexual shame and trauma, yoga and meditation instruction, inspiring new relationship values, body positive inner self-talk support, emotional IQ increasing explorations, finding your inner "wild man" (or woman) and more. Also, anything not listed here that shows up authentically in the moment and is in the service of inquiry. 


Each session begins with rapport building conversation and self-inquiry based intimacy coaching that lays the groundwork and supportive context for what comes next. Then, we engage in an intentional "disrobing" exercise where we remove one another's clothes piece by piece with presence, respect and care. Once completely naked, we take a few moments to appreciate the power of being seen, the willingness to be vulnerable, and the joy of witnessing another in their raw authentic form. Our Sacred Intimacy organically flows after the exercise, usually including creatively crafted breath and bodywork which intuitively evolves in the unique way our authentic connection dictates.


Session duration range is 60-180 minutes. For inspired clients that prefer a deeper-dive into the mysteries of Sacred Intimacy, I offer overnight journeys, weekend extravaganzas, and 1-3 month ongoing intensives. Each program is specifically tailored to your needs and desires and is designed to stimulate the most growth within your current life circumstances.

If this sounds exactly like what you're looking for please don't hesitate to get in touch with me and set up an initial complimentary phone chat to explore further how I may be of service to you and what to expect during a session.



Colby Mack 


DISCLAIMER: All payments are received in exchange for valued space holding, time and expertise, including bodywork and intimacy coaching. Payments ARE NOT received for the performance of sex acts of any kind, or for what may otherwise occur between two consenting adults on their own time. 

For more information about Sacred Intimates in general please refer to, which has a wonderful description, overview, and additional pertinent information.